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  1. Liquid Halter Romper
    Liquid Halter Romper
    As low as 32,99 €
  2. Women's Powerwetlook And Lacquered Eco Leather Body
    Women's Powerwetlook And Lac..
    As low as 68,99 €
  3. Wetlook Crotchless Teddy
    Wetlook Crotchless Teddy
    As low as 44,99 €
  4. Powerwetlook body with tulle inserts and velvet choker
    Powerwetlook body with tulle..
    As low as 68,99 €
  5. Almost Topless Romper
    Almost Topless Romper
    As low as 28,99 €
  6. Powerwetlook Keyhole Body
    Powerwetlook Keyhole Body
    As low as 67,99 €
  7. Keyhole Long-Sleeve Wetlook Body
    Keyhole Long-Sleeve Wetlook ..
    As low as 44,99 €
  8. Ultra-V Wetlook Panel Body
    Ultra-V Wetlook Panel Body
    As low as 40,99 €
  9. Perforierter Wetlook Body mit dekorativem Front-Reißverschluss
    Perforierter Wetlook Body mi..
    As low as 45,99 €
  10. Wetlook Netz-Body mit langem Arm
    Wetlook Netz-Body mit langem..
    As low as 32,99 €
  11. Kuscheliger Wetlook-Body Mit Netzeinsätzen
    Kuscheliger Wetlook-Body Mit..
    As low as 29,99 €
  12. Wetlook-Body Mit Netz- Und Netzeinsätzen
    Wetlook-Body Mit Netz- Und N..
    As low as 31,99 €
  13. Fischnetz Halfter Körper Mit Wetlook-Einlagen
    Fischnetz Halfter Körper Mi..
    As low as 26,99 €
  14. Powerwetlook-Body Mit 3-Wege-Reißverschluss
    Powerwetlook-Body Mit 3-Wege..
    As low as 68,99 €
  15. Körper Mit Strumpfband
    Körper Mit Strumpfband
    As low as 52,99 € Regular Price 74,99 €
  16. Sheer Mesh und Wetlook Körper mit roten Pailletten Sterne
    Sheer Mesh und Wetlook Körp..
    As low as 31,99 € Regular Price 44,99 €
  17. Wetlook Triple X Playsuit
    Wetlook Triple X Playsuit
    As low as 33,99 €
  18. Wetlook Netzs V-Form Teddy
    Wetlook Netzs V-Form Teddy
    As low as 40,99 €
  19. Barbarella Körper
    Barbarella Körper
    As low as 56,99 €
  20. Felicity Wetlook Body Schwarz
    Felicity Wetlook Body Schwar..
    As low as 41,99 €
  21. Trinity Wetlook mit Kapuze Körper
    Trinity Wetlook mit Kapuze K..
    As low as 34,99 € Regular Price 49,99 €

22 Items

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Wetlook Bodies

If you’re looking for the very sexiest wet look lingerie, then you are definitely going to find lots of tempting options in the wetlook collection available here at Honour. Within this section of our store, you can find all of our wetlook bodys and wetlook dessous designs, though you can also take a look around our wet look collection if you want to find wet look dresses, skirts, leggings, shorts, stockings, bras, catsuits, corsets, basques, and accessories like wetlook gloves.

A lot of the wet look body styles you can find here, as well as plenty of our other wet look lingerie, is available in a good choice of sizes, so if you’re on the hunt for the perfect plus size wet look lingerie, we should have just what you want!

At Honour, we have been specializing in erotic lingerie, fetishwear, BDSM gear and sex toys for over thirty years, and are one of the most established and trusted names in the UK for sexy, kinky products, so you know you’re in good hands when you get your hot, enticing new wetlook clothing here! We also offer you easy ways to pay for your orders, including a flexible pay later option with Klarna.