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PVC-Oberteile machen den Look für diese Party oder eine intime Nacht aus. Vervollständigen Sie Ihre sexy Ensembles mit unserem vielfältigen Angebot an reizvollen und gewagten PVC-Tops. Von üppigen weißen Blusen bis hin zu heißen Neckholdern haben wir etwas Reizvolles für jeden Look, den Sie sich wünschen - von der Herrin bis zur süßen Schönheit. Unsere PVC-Mäntel sichern Ihnen den gewagten Auftritt, egal ob mit oder ohne etwas drunter.

PVC Oberteile und Mäntel

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  1. VynX Ask For Access Zip Jacket
    VynX Ask For Access Zip Jack..
    As low as 78,99 €
  2. VynX Demure Zip Top
    VynX Demure Zip Top
    As low as 51,99 €
  3. VynX Obey Me Buckle Jacket
    VynX Obey Me Buckle Jacket
    As low as 74,99 €
  4. VynX Tie Me Up Top
    VynX Tie Me Up Top
    As low as 63,99 €
  5. VynX Peekaboob Sleeveless Top
    VynX Peekaboob Sleeveless T..
    As low as 45,99 €
  6. PVC Front Lace Pixie Top
    PVC Front Lace Pixie Top
    As low as 43,99 €
  7. PVC-Bombe Buckle Top
    PVC-Bombe Buckle Top
    As low as 50,99 €
  8. PVC & Lace Martini Top schwarz
    PVC & Lace Martini Top schwa..
    As low as 56,99 €
  9. PVC-Bluse "Sexy Lehrerin“ | Weiß
    PVC-Bluse "Sexy Lehrerin“ ..
    As low as 63,99 €
  10. PVC-Bluse "Sexy Lehrerin“ | Lila
    PVC-Bluse "Sexy Lehrerin“ ..
    As low as 63,99 €
  11. PVC Skorpion Verführerin Hemd
    PVC Skorpion Verführerin He..
    As low as 63,99 €
  12. Dirne Halter PVC Top
    Dirne Halter PVC Top
    As low as 32,99 €
  13. PVC-Spitze Liaison Top
    PVC-Spitze Liaison Top
    As low as 31,99 €
  14. PVC Zest Korsett
    PVC Zest Korsett
    As low as 49,99 €
  15. Klassiker Hemd
    Klassiker Hemd
    Sonderangebot 45,74 € Regular Price 60,99 €
  16. Klassiker Hemd
    Klassiker Hemd
    As low as 45,74 € Regular Price 60,99 €
  17. Flirty Zip Top
    Flirty Zip Top
    As low as 32,24 € Regular Price 42,99 €
  18. Ärmel Herrin PVC Top
    Ärmel Herrin PVC Top
    As low as 40,99 €
  19. PVC Sanduhr Top
    PVC Sanduhr Top
    As low as 44,99 €
  20. Paris Peplum PVC-Mantel Lila
    Paris Peplum PVC-Mantel Lila
    As low as 40,99 € Regular Price 57,99 €
  21. Paris Peplum PVC Jacke Schwarz
    Paris Peplum PVC Jacke Schwa..
    As low as 40,99 € Regular Price 57,99 €
  22. PVC Buckle Front-Punk Jacket
    PVC Buckle Front-Punk Jacket
    As low as 63,99 €
  23. PVC Einbau Zip-Jacke
    PVC Einbau Zip-Jacke
    As low as 56,99 €
  24. PVC  Regenmantel
    PVC  Regenmantel
    As low as 149,99 €

24 Items

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Womens PVC Tops

Do you love the sexy rainwear mistress look? A shiny, sexy PVC mac coat can create a really hot look, especially if you have something kinky on underneath, so why not make the look your own with something from our stunning range of PVC raincoat designs? Whether you want a classic black PVC coat, a fierce red PVC raincoat, or other designs of womens vinyl raincoat, you can find a great selection of styles and colours here, as well as a good choice of sizes.

When it comes to what to wear with your kinky new coat, there is a huge selection of erotic lingerie, sexy fetish clothing, and kinky accessories available here, so whether you’re looking for a hot look for a private encounter or to wear out for sexy parties or clubbing, you’re certain to find just what you need to create the fierce look you want! We have a great choice of other PVC clothing and underwear if you want to go for a full PVC mistress look, or you can choose kinky latex, or a softer, feminine lace style to contrast with the PVC mac. Whatever your fantasies and whatever your style, we have just what you need here at Honour, and we also offer the best in customer service along with flexible ways to pay!