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Hosen und Shorts für Herren

Unterstreichen Sie Ihre maskuline Erscheinung mit Lederhosen und Leder-Unterwäsche. Von Jeans Hosen, über Shorts, bis hin zu Strings, es gibt für jeden Anlass etwas aus unserem Angebot an Herren Leder-Unterteilen.

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  1. Leather Jock Strap
    Leather Jock Strap
    As low as 21,99 €
  2. Men's Leather Thong
    Men's Leather Thong
    As low as 22,99 €
  3. Men's Leather Thong with O-Rings
    Men's Leather Thong with O-R..
    As low as 25,99 €
  4. Men's Leather Breakaway Thong
    Men's Leather Breakaway Thon..
    As low as 22,99 €
  5. Men's Leather Zip-Up Thong
    Men's Leather Zip-Up Thong
    As low as 20,99 €
  6. Lederhose mit Zweiwege-Reißverschluss - "Strike"
    Lederhose mit Zweiwege-Reiß..
    As low as 63,99 €
  7. Gemetzel Leder Schnapp-Schritt Reißverschluss Jeans
    Gemetzel Leder Schnapp-Schri..
    As low as 113,99 €
  8. Verworrene Moonshine-Jeans Mit Schnapp-Schritt
    Verworrene Moonshine-Jeans M..
    As low as 113,99 €
  9. Blitzlederjeans Mit Zwei-Wege-Reißverschluss
    Blitzlederjeans Mit Zwei-Weg..
    As low as 113,99 €
  10. Mayhem Schnür-Ledershorts
    Mayhem Schnür-Ledershorts
    As low as 63,99 €
  11. Xander Netzs & Kunstleder O-Ring-Boxer
    Xander Netzs & Kunstleder O-..
    As low as 34,99 €
  12. Leather Men's Bottoms - Dolph Gladiator Kilt
    Dolph Gladiator Kilt
    As low as 57,99 €
  13. Blade-Harness-Hose
    As low as 103,99 €
  14. Leder Snap On Pouch Jeans
    Leder Snap On Pouch Jeans
    As low as 109,99 €
  15. Leder Chaps mit Klammern
    Leder Chaps mit Klammern
    As low as 126,99 €
  16. Herrenlederrock
    As low as 86,99 €
  17. Herren Leder Jeans
    Herren Leder Jeans
    As low as 109,99 €
  18. Kunstleder Klassische Cut Jeans
    Kunstleder Klassische Cut Je..
    As low as 57,99 €
  19. Kunstleder Jeans
    Kunstleder Jeans
    As low as 57,99 €
  20. Kunstleder Männer Shorts
    Kunstleder Männer Shorts
    As low as 26,99 €

29 Items

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Mens Leather Jeans, Trousers, Shorts & Underwear

Putting together a sexy BDSM leather outfit can really get you ready for a wild night, whether it’s in the bedroom, or hitting the club scene. If you want some extra sexy BDSM leather clothing, Honour is sure to have the best in sexy male jeans, shorts, tight pants, and other hot leather bottoms for men. Browse the designs of mens BDSM leather clothing currently on sale, featuring our top quality mens wet look jeans, mens breakaway thong designs, and much more, all in gorgeous leather or faux leather. Check out our UK size guide if you need any help in finding which size you need, and you can also use our online chat facility if you need any help placing your order or finding the products you want.

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