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  1. Leather Jock Strap
    Leather Jock Strap
    As low as 21,99 €
  2. Men's Leather Thong
    Men's Leather Thong
    As low as 22,99 €
  3. Men's Leather Thong with O-Rings
    Men's Leather Thong with O-R..
    As low as 25,99 €
  4. Men's Leather Breakaway Thong
    Men's Leather Breakaway Thon..
    As low as 22,99 €
  5. Men's Leather Zip-Up Thong
    Men's Leather Zip-Up Thong
    As low as 20,99 €
  6. Slayer Männer Korsett Weste
    Slayer Männer Korsett Weste
    As low as 97,99 €
  7. Ärmelloses Leder Top mit Schnürung - "Havoc"
    Ärmelloses Leder Top mit Sc..
    As low as 113,99 €
  8. Caleb Leder Harness Top
    Caleb Leder Harness Top
    As low as 40,99 €
  9. Rhod Micro Vest
    Rhod Micro Vest
    As low as 44,99 €
  10. Herren-Nylon-Ordnungs-Leder-Shirt Schwarz
    As low as 45,99 €
  11. Herren-Leder-Shirt Schwarz
    Herren-Leder-Shirt Schwarz
    As low as 103,99 €
  12. Lederhose mit Zweiwege-Reißverschluss - "Strike"
    Lederhose mit Zweiwege-Reiß..
    As low as 63,99 €
  13. Kunstleder Männer Militär Top
    Kunstleder Männer Militär ..
    As low as 52,99 €
  14. Gemetzel Leder Schnapp-Schritt Reißverschluss Jeans
    Gemetzel Leder Schnapp-Schri..
    As low as 113,99 €
  15. Kunstleder Kurzarmhemd Schwarz
    Kunstleder Kurzarmhemd Schwa..
    As low as 57,99 €
  16. Kunstleder angepasstes Hemd
    Kunstleder angepasstes Hemd
    As low as 67,99 €
  17. Verworrene Moonshine-Jeans Mit Schnapp-Schritt
    Verworrene Moonshine-Jeans M..
    As low as 113,99 €
  18. Kunstleder Männer Polo Top
    Kunstleder Männer Polo Top
    As low as 52,99 €
  19. Blitzlederjeans Mit Zwei-Wege-Reißverschluss
    Blitzlederjeans Mit Zwei-Weg..
    As low as 113,99 €
  20. Mayhem Schnür-Ledershorts
    Mayhem Schnür-Ledershorts
    As low as 63,99 €
  21. Xander Netzs & Kunstleder O-Ring-Boxer
    Xander Netzs & Kunstleder O-..
    As low as 34,99 €
  22. Leather Men's Bottoms - Dolph Gladiator Kilt
    Dolph Gladiator Kilt
    As low as 57,99 €
  23. Blade-Harness-Hose
    As low as 103,99 €
  24. Leder Snap On Pouch Jeans
    Leder Snap On Pouch Jeans
    As low as 109,99 €
  25. Leder Chaps mit Klammern
    Leder Chaps mit Klammern
    As low as 126,99 €
  26. Herrenlederrock
    As low as 86,99 €
  27. Herren Leder Jeans
    Herren Leder Jeans
    As low as 109,99 €
  28. Kunstleder Klassische Cut Jeans
    Kunstleder Klassische Cut Je..
    As low as 57,99 €

Items 1-36 of 39

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Men's Leather Clothing

If you would love to have the absolute best mens fetishwear, our web store has daring, provocative mens BDSM leather clothing and mens leather underwear you’ll love. This section of our well-stocked online mens fetish wear store shows the high-quality mens leather BDSM gear you can order at Honour, including sexy products like our gorgeous leather pants and shorts.

Whether you are looking for a kinky outfit to wear to sexy parties or fetish clubs, or you like getting dressed up in leather at home for some more private fun, you are certain to find some hot leather and faux leather clothing here to entice you. We offer a great choice of styles and designs, as well as a good selection of sizes, and you can also take advantage of our online chat facility if you need any help finding what you want or placing your order. Remember to also check out the rest of our store for more hot fetish clothing, including in latex, PVC and wet look fabrics for men and women, as well as our extensive range of sex toys and BDSM equipment! Whatever you are looking for when it comes to playing out your sexiest fantasies, you can find it when you shop at Honour!