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  1. Latex Slip mit Penishülle Schwarz
    Latex Slip mit Penishülle S..
    As low as 26,99 €
  2. Gummiform Männliche Erektion Hosen und Potency Ring
    Gummiform Männliche Erektio..
    As low as 28,99 €
  3. Gummiform Flushing Pants
    Gummiform Flushing Pants
    As low as 31,99 €
  4. Geformte Latexstrümpfe mit offenem Fuß Schwarz
    Geformte Latexstrümpfe mit ..
    As low as 39,99 €
  5. Nahtlose Gummiminirock-Gelb
    Nahtlose Gummiminirock-Gelb
    As low as 27,99 €
  6. Nahtlose Gummiminirock Rot
    Nahtlose Gummiminirock Rot
    As low as 27,99 €
  7. Nahtlose Gummiminirock Schwarz
    Nahtlose Gummiminirock Schwa..
    As low as 27,99 €
  8. Nahtloser langer Latex-Bleistiftrock
    Nahtloser langer Latex-Bleis..
    As low as 34,99 €
  9. Nahtlose Latexstrümpfe
    Nahtlose Latexstrümpfe
    As low as 39,99 €
  10. Nahtlose Gummi geöffnete Gabelungs Briefs Schwarz
    Nahtlose Gummi geöffnete Ga..
    As low as 19,99 €
  11. Latexkleid mit Strapsen
    Latexkleid mit Strapsen
    As low as 44,99 €
  12. Latex-Minikleid mit tiefem V-Ausschnitt | Schwarz
    Latex-Minikleid mit tiefem V..
    As low as 37,99 €
  13. Nahtloses Latex Kleid
    Nahtloses Latex Kleid
    As low as 37,99 €
  14. Nahtloser Latex BH in Gelb
    Nahtloser Latex BH in Gelb
    As low as 31,99 €
  15. Nahtloser Latex BH in Rot
    Nahtloser Latex BH in Rot
    As low as 31,99 €
  16. Nahtloser Latex BH
    Nahtloser Latex BH
    As low as 31,99 €
  17. Nahtloser Latex Body brustfrei mit offenem Schritt
    Nahtloser Latex Body brustfr..
    As low as 47,99 €
  18. Nahtlose Latexstrümpfe | Rot
    Nahtlose Latexstrümpfe | Ro..
    As low as 39,99 €

18 Items

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Fetish Rubber Clothing

Are you looking for top quality rubber fetish clothing? Whether you want to get dressed up in rubber to create a fierce look for clubbing or for kinky parties, or you like wearing rubber in private, Honour has one of the best selections of rubber fetish gear you’ll find anywhere in the UK, and at great prices, too.

If you’re looking for a sexy rubber dress that will give you a really enticing shape, as well as the kinky feel of rubber against your skin, then you can find a great choice in a wide range of sizes in our range of rubber fetish women clothing items. For men who love rubber fetish clothes, we also have a great range of mens options in high quality raw rubber. As one of the UK’s most established fetish wear and sex toy retailers, we have carefully chosen only the best quality rubber fetish gear to include in these collections, so we are certain you’ll find something you will love!

Rubber fetish gear

Remember when you are shopping for latex or rubber fetish clothing that these materials do need some special care to keep them at their best, and so you should also check out the products we have available for cleaning and taking care of rubber fetish clothing while you’re shopping.