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  1. Birthday Suit
    Birthday Suit
    As low as 74,99 €
  2. Hellcat Devil
    Hellcat Devil
    As low as 80,99 €
  3. Scantily Skeletal
    Scantily Skeletal
    As low as 56,99 €
  4. Avenging Assassin
    Avenging Assassin
    As low as 80,99 €
  5. Leopard Bandit
    Leopard Bandit
    As low as 64,99 €
  6. Dom Cat
    Dom Cat
    As low as 83,99 €
  7. Pleated Solid White Skirt
    Pleated Solid White Skirt
    As low as 21,99 €
  8. Plaid Skirt
    Plaid Skirt
    As low as 21,99 €
  9. Tie Top
    Tie Top
    As low as 21,99 €
  10. V Racer Fantasy
    V Racer Fantasy
    As low as 32,99 €
  11. Bunnytime
    As low as 34,99 €
  12. Vixen Kitten
    Vixen Kitten
    As low as 36,99 €
  13. Sweet Heart Nurse
    Sweet Heart Nurse
    As low as 36,99 €
  14. Feisty Fetish Maid
    Feisty Fetish Maid
    As low as 41,99 €
  15. PD Hottie
    PD Hottie
    As low as 36,99 €
  16. Submissive Set
    Submissive Set
    As low as 36,99 €
  17. Ms. Rebel Bralette & Garter Set
    Ms. Rebel Bralette & Garter ..
    As low as 36,99 €
  18. Feminine Mystique Robe
    Feminine Mystique Robe
    As low as 82,99 €
  19. Duchess Night Gown
    Duchess Night Gown
    As low as 87,99 €
  20. Enticing Two Piece
    Enticing Two Piece
    As low as 67,99 €
  21. Lovely Mrs. Babydoll Set
    Lovely Mrs. Babydoll Set
    As low as 67,99 €
  22. Feminine Mystique Floor Length Robe
    Feminine Mystique Floor Leng..
    As low as 88,99 €
  23. Feminine Mystique Robe
    Feminine Mystique Robe
    As low as 82,99 €
  24. Inviting Bra & Panty Set
    Inviting Bra & Panty Set
    As low as 43,99 €
  25. Fetching Bra & Panty Set
    Fetching Bra & Panty Set
    As low as 43,99 €
  26. Spicy Bra & Panty Set
    Spicy Bra & Panty Set
    As low as 37,99 €
  27. Halter Babydoll with Cuffs & Mask
    Halter Babydoll with Cuffs &..
    As low as 31,99 €

Items 1-36 of 83

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Set Descending Direction

Lingerie Sets

When you are looking for the best in kinky lingerie to entice your partner or create the look you want for some hot BDSM play, then Honour has one of the best selections of erotic sexy lingerie sets UK. Whether you’re looking for seductive fetish style lingerie in textures like latex or PVC, or sexy lingerie sets with kinky details like peepholes, cutouts, and crotchless designs, then you’re sure to find just what you are looking for in our hot collection of sexy underwear sets.

Sexy Lingerie Sets UK

The sexy lingerie available here in sets comes in a wide choice of sizes, including some designs available in plus sizes, meaning you can find what you’re looking for to look amazing whatever your size. You can also complete your look by adding accessories from some of our other collections, such as a pair of kinky PVC gloves, or a hot pair of wet look stockings! When you buy your new kinky lingerie at Honour, we also offer you easy and flexible ways to pay for your purchase, including Klarna, which lets you buy now and pay later on many orders! Browse our hot collections now and choose the gorgeous new sexy lingerie sets to help you live out your hottest fantasies!